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March 11-17, 2022


Ely Film History

Ely has a long standing history of being photogenic and embodying the character of the open west. With it’s historic buildings and train, gorgeous mountain landscape, and friendly community, Ely has been a great place to film since the 1920’s.  Movies fillmed: Covered Wagon, Operation Haylift, Lust for Freedom, Once Upon a Texas Train, Guncrazy, Roadside Prophets, My Blueberry Nights, Rat Race, Infernum, Reaptown, Horror in the High, Desert, Horror in the High Desert ll, The Great Darkened Days, Poderosa, Victoria, Wizard of Mars.

Ely Film Festival and the Northern Nevada Railway




With our successful inaugural launch in 2020 and our recent 2021 virtual festival hosted by CYA Live, we are excited to offer an annual film festival in mid-March that celebrates Nevada’s rich film history that brings quality films, producers and actors to Ely. Our Short Film Contest inspires the next generation of cinematographers. The Ely Film Festival seeks to enlighten attendees to the creative and technical aspects of film and video production with a rural Nevada twist. Mark your calendars for March 11-17, 2022 and make your lodging reservations today! 

Ely Film Art Music Festival 2022 Poster

2022 Ely Film, Art & Music Festival Poster

Ely Film Festival 2022

Commissioned art for the 2022 Ely Film Festival. 

2021 Ely Film Festival


Central Theatre

Built between 1939 and 1941, Ely’s Central Theatre evokes the grandeur of the Art Deco movement. Originally built as a 725-seat theater, The Central was advertised as “The Finest Theater in Eastern Nevada”. The one story building features its original vertical central neon sign over the marquee. Preserved over the years, visitors still can experience lavish colors, decor, and rich fabrics. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on August 5, 1993.  Ely’s Central Theatre celebrated its 80th birthday on March 29, 2021!

The Historic Central Theatre in Ely, Nevada


Ely Nevada

Ely is Nevada’s best mountain town boasting an elevated quality of life. Connect with Nevada’s rich history on the Nevada Northern Railway, East Ely Depot, and White Pine Museum. Get out into the mountains for some hiking, mountain biking, or fishing at our state parks and recreation areas. Visit our crown jewel, Great Basin National Park or discover the character of the community through its public art.


Film Festival

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The Ely Film Festival celebrates Ely's rich film history. This annual event showcases the cinematic creations filmed here over the years.

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